Welcome to the EMS Summer School 2019

June 23 - 28, 2019 @ The King’s Buildings Campus, The University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh Old College

The 36th European Membrane Society Summer School 2019 focusing on "Membranes for a Sustainable Future" will be hosted by the School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). This special EMS summer School is going to be held from June 23 to 28, 2019 at the King’s Buildings Campus.

The theme of the 36th EMS Summer School 2019 is Sustainability. The University of Edinburgh and in particular the School of Engineering has world-leading research covering various themes related to sustainability. In particular, more than 40 faculty members are involved in membrane research both with experimental and modelling activities and covering different fronts from water and wastewater treatment, to desalination, to carbon capture and gas separation, as well as green catalysis. This is accompanied by the activities devoted to materials development in our world-leading School of Chemistry.

This summer school will bring together leading European scientists and industrialists in the areas of sustainable membrane technology with students and young researchers and focus around different aspects of sustainability in membrane science and engineering, in order to show how membranes are inherently sustainable and can help us achieve our environmental goals and tackle global challenges.


36th EMS Summer School - Membranes for a Sustainable Future
School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
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